Expended shell cases piled up after the Battle of the Somme. 1916.

Six days before he was assassinated, John F. Kennedy visited Cape Canaveral to be briefed on the Saturn rocket. Accompanying him is Senator George Smathers of Florida. November 16th, 1963.

Directional sound finders used to detect incoming enemy planes. 1917.

The Fascist headquarters of Benito Mussolini in Rome. 1934.

Female archers competing at the London Olympics. 1908.

These two men wear directional sound finders, to detect approaching planes. 1917.

A German Communist crosses his arms and stares at his firing squad, moments before he is executed. 1919.

The first bananas to reach Norway are unloaded. 1905.

The production of the star spangled banner: women in a Brooklyn factory toil at their sewing machines. July 1940. Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White.

President Kennedy dons a blue suit and pair of sunglasses as he watches a military pageant alongside the Shah of Iran at Camp Lejeune. 1962.

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