President Kennedy dons a blue suit and pair of sunglasses as he watches a military pageant alongside the Shah of Iran at Camp Lejeune. 1962.

Kennedy idly smokes a cigarillo. 1963.

Nikolai Vlasik, Stalin’s bodyguard, took this photograph of the Soviet Union leader. The dictator was known for enjoying billiards, enthusiastic drinking, and a penchant for bananas.

Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush and Robert Gates having a chat before the Points of Light forum at Texas A&M University. October 16, 2009

A Japanese-American grocer hung this sign outside his store after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was later forcibly interned. March 1942. Photograph by Dorothea Lange.

A German soldier stands on the back of his horse to take a shot. 1935.

A young woman escapes across the border between East and West Germany. 1955.

This is “Gadget”, the first nuclear weapon detonated by the United States. Formally code named Trinity, the weapon was tested in the Jornada del Muerto desert on 16 July, 1945. The date of this test is frequently considered as the start of the Atomic Age.

Eight-year-old Samuel Reshevsky playing and defeating several chess masters at the same time. France, 1920.

Russian Tsar Nicholas II riding a rickshaw. Nagasaki, 1891.

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